Health Insurance Open Enrollment Starts November 1: 



Health Insurance


Health insurance has gone through many changes recently.  But we keep abreast of those changes.  We can help you sign up for a Major Medical plan under the Affordable Care Act both during open enrollment and when a life change requires insurance changes. Our knowledge and ability to access information pertaining to your specific circumstances makes working with us a simple alternative to navigating the system on your own.  We can help clients enroll on off-marketplace plans (i.e. direct with the company).  You will pay the same premium whether you let us help you or you do it yourself online.  So why not take advantage of our expertise and service?

We also provide short term medical coverage when you need to fill the gap between losing coverage and starting a new plan.  Although short term medical plans can still ask about your health information (unlike Obamacare plans) the applications ask very few health questions and are quick to complete.  Coverage can start almost immediately in many cases.

For those age 65 and older on Medicare, we are able to assist with Medicare Supplement Insurance as well.  We have access to excellent companies with great rates on Plans G, F, and others.  We can explain the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicare Supplement coverage.  Our clients have learned to depend on us to help with their Medicare Supplements and to help them use and understand their coverage.

Health Insurance at Tompkins Insurance